Cyber Security

Is your organisation prepared for a cyber-attack?What measures do you have in place to prevent a cyber-attack?if your answer is 'I don't know?' then you should call Codeproofs immediately.

In recent years,we have seen the rise of major cyber security attacks acrossa range of sectors,seeing well-known brands such as Talk Talk,eBay,Yahoo,Tesco Bank,Apple icloud and many more small and large companies falling victim to's not just large businesses that are being targeted in the last few years 74% of SME's in the UK reported a security breach.

Many SME's believe that due to their size they won't be of interest to hackers,however the complete opposite is true.In fact,small firms can be a target as hackers know they won't have the same measures in place as larger organisation's. Call us today to assess your system and provide you best of the cyber security and protect you from unwanted cyber attacks.

Cyber Security for Shipping and off shore industry

A modern ship have system using digitization and automation.Several assets prone to cybersecurity attacks are located on a ship:operational technology OT-networks,radio frequency RF-communication systems,system for navigation and machinery.Most of these systems are connected together and in many cases to the internet.

This brings a risk of malicious attack to the ship's networks and systems.Additionally, the personnel accessing systems on board may form a risk by itself.

Codeproofs has IT and Marine experience and provide cyber security solutions,which makes life of ship owners and managers easier in this cyber in-secure world.